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Our Dream: Soap Sovereignty


At Make it Natural, we empower individuals and communities to make their own personal care products. Soap Sovereignty means the decommodification of personal care by two means: raising awareness on the issues associated with conventional products, and restoring the foundation that sustains household-scale production. Our core activities include community skillsharing, ecological stewardship, and holistic health empowerment. We are funded primarily by individual public donations. We are also experimenting with a decommodification model: a skillsharing-based business model that supports our activities and growth.

With your help, we can bring soap sovereignty to South Ontario and beyond. Get involved to discover the Frothy Truth about conventional products and natural ingredients. Volunteer with our Suds Buds, or donate to become a Frothy Friend, with benefits!

Our People 


Rene Suarez

An autodidactic polymath on a relentless search for truth, Rene enjoys shattering misconceptions of reality…especially his own. After half-a-decade of living in forests, eco-villages and other intentional communities, Rene and his wife Richa are bringing their experience, knowledge and skills of sustainable, holistic livelihood to the public.

Richa Baghel

Boundlessly creative and perceptive, Richa has a knack for discovering wholesome and enjoyable ways to make things, like soap. She always brings a fresh and wholesome perspective, and offers unique creative direction.

Jane Haddad

Headquartered at Seneca College, Jane is the director of the Non-Profit & Social Enterprise Leadership Graduate Certificate Program.

The Suds Buds

Our core team of volunteers are stationed at York University. Regular research and events happen on campus.

Transition Enterprise


Transition Enterprise is a new form of organization emerging in a context of destabilizing ecosystems, economies and communities. It is a tool that helps change-makers contribute to a sustainable future while meeting financial needs, using skillsharing-based business models. Its foundational characteristic is the goal of decommodifying basic human needs like food, clothing, and healthcare. Decommodification is achieved by two means: raising public awareness on the issues associated with conventional products, and restoring the foundation that sustains household production. A Transition Entrepreneur can be an individual or a collective. The enterprise can be unregistered if very small, or registered as a for-profit, a non-profit, or a co-op. Its models are diverse, however the core activities of a Transition Enterprise always include Community Reskilling, Ecological Stewardship Awareness, Holistic Health Empowerment, and a Decommodification Model.

Our goal is to help integrate and support this burgeoning movement. We believe every neighbourhood could have a soap-maker, a team of home-builders, a shared workshop with open-access tools, a healer in every family, and food growing on every lawn. Indeed, every community could have biodiverse wildlands where people steward and harvest the bounty from ‘outside the circle of fire’. Transition Enterprise has the capacity to create temporary financial livelihood for an organization while securing holistic livelihood for the community and its greater family of beings. Hence, a Transition Enterprise has its own dissolution embedded its vision. This distinct quality addresses the deeper challenges of operating within fundamentally unsustainable political and economic systems. Please read our overview to learn more about the concept and the resources we offer to Transition Entrepreneurs.

Join us or ask a question!

Feel free to email us, phone us, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, or visit us. You can find us using our nifty map (just scroll down a bit).

  • 555.555.5555
  • Student Centre York University

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